What to Pack

As you are packing for the weekend, please review the agenda to see which activities are applicable. Then consider including the following items:

  • Comfortable clothing for yoga
  • Casual clothing - the weekend is quite informal
  • Layers are always helpful!
  • A swimsuit for the hot tub (your accommodations may or may not have a hot tub and/or pool)
  • Athletic or hiking shoes/boots - if you choose to go on a short walk or hike
  •  A blanket of your own - something familiar and cozy
  •  A refillable water bottle

Typical Park City seasons:

  • WINTER. December- March. During these months, bring warm clothes, a coat, warm shoes or boots. Most hours will be spent indoors but you will want warm clothing for when you are outdoors.
  • SPRING. April - June. During these months, you may experience cool mornings and nights so you will want to bring a few layers such as a long sleeved shirt and pants as well as a jacket (especially during early spring).
  • SUMMER. June - August/September. Summer is quite warm and you will likely want shorts and short sleeved shirts. However, if you chill easily with air conditioning, you may want a sweater or long sleeved shirt and pants for indoors. During late summer, it is not uncommon to experience chilly nights and mornings.
  • FALL. September - November. Think layers during the fall - you may not need a heavy coat but you will definitely want a warm jacket and a pair of pants.

Please check the agenda and the weather forecast - we may be going out for dinner or have some other special event planned that you may want to consider when packing. We do our best to point out special circumstances, but we're only human!


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