Breast Cancer Conference

Sexy Talk: Taking Back the "O" after Breast Cancer

Wow- what an amazing breast cancer conference!!!  Thank you for the support of all those who attended, presented, and made donations that made it all possible.  We're working on our plan for next year's conference.  Please keep an eye out for updates.

Breast cancer changes a lot of things- especially with how you feel about your body.

It's normal to feel a little "out of whack" with your body after your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. It's ok to have concerns about sexuality and it's ok to feel less comfortable with your body now. Your body may look and/or feel different, and even if you haven't had surgery - other treatments including chemotherapy and hormone therapy change your hormone levels and may affect your sexual interest and response.

These feelings are 100% normal. You are NOT alone!

2023 Breast Cancer Conference

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