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Image Reborn Foundation’s mission is to provide no-cost renewal retreats to those diagnosed with breast cancer and to support them in living rich and fulfilling lives.


Established in 1998 by Dr. Renato Saltz, a visionary plastic surgeon, our organization was born from the recognition of a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of cancer care: the emotional healing and rebuilding process. Despite the exceptional medical attention women receive during their cancer journey, their profound emotional needs often remain unaddressed. Today, there's a growing acknowledgment of this gap in care, prompting cancer providers to explore integrating emotional support into their treatment plans. Recognizing its indispensable role in healing and overall well-being, emotional support is now considered essential for all cancer patients.

Our Program.

Image Reborn’s renewal retreat program is designed and facilitated by a professional staff with experience in addressing the special concerns of women with breast cancer. Every retreat is focused on providing support and renewal in an informal setting, including specific retreats throughout the year to hold space for Stage IV, Hispanic, Young, and Adventure-seeking women. Our program is built around the following key components that address the emotional healing needed after the devastating impact a breast cancer diagnosis and medical treatment can have on women:

  • Medical – women have the opportunity to ask tough questions and get candid answers from experts in various fields of oncology
  • Emotional – PTSD, trauma, anxiety and fear can continue to plague survivors if they are not addressed. We offer ways to connect with tools and tips for how to manage emotional distress
  • Mindfulness – Incorporating mindfulness allows for wholehearted living
  • Physical Activity – options for physical activities will be offered and are geared towards all levels and abilities; exercise is one of the only non-medical healing alternatives that has been recognized to reduce re-occurrence of cancer.
  • Renewal – we give plenty of relaxation and downtime throughout the weekend to allow women time to reflect and receive well-deserved treatments to alleviate physical pain.

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