Volunteer and make a difference. Our mission is made possible through many volunteers who generously donate their time in support of breast cancer survivors. There are many ways to be involved that work with your time and availability.

Volunteers help with things such as:

  • retreats (airport transportation, meal prep, alumni activities, etc.)
  • annual gala
  • fundraising
  • marketing events

Volunteer at a Retreat

Volunteers are the heart and soul of every retreat, serving up to 14 combined hours throughout the weekend. While volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds and serve for various reasons, the one thing we all share is our wish to show compassion to 6-8 unique, special women who are experiencing breast cancer.

Please read on to learn more about each position available. When you're ready to sign up, click the button below. You will be taken to a calendar of dates where you will be able to find a shift that suits your schedule.

Airport Runner: Looking for drivers who have a reliable vehicle, excellent driving record, current driver's license, and proof of insurance. There may/may not be attendees flying in for this retreat. Also, this shift may vary slightly depending on flight schedules. We will reach out the week of the retreat to connect you with the attendee(s) and coordinate the pick up plan.

Alumni Gratitude Badge Activity: Alumni Army members will guide retreat attendees through a gratitude-focused craft activity. Training is provided and required. (Training is 1.5 hours). *NOTE: this activity is for registered members of the Alumni Army. Not a member yet? Enlist today!

Dinner Prep and Cleanup: Volunteers have the option to join for dinner and stay to help clean up/load dishwasher. Must work independently and be able to warm/cook and lay out an already-prepared dinner for 6-10 women. Responsible for finding appropriate dishes in an unfamiliar kitchen to present "buffet-style" for attendees to self-serve.

Breakfast Prep and Cleanup: Must work independently and be able to prepare a breakfast for 6-10 women. Responsible for finding appropriate dishes in an unfamiliar kitchen to present "buffet-style" for attendees to self-serve. After everyone has eaten, dishes will need to be cleaned or loaded into the dishwasher.

NEW! Hiking Companion: Please be aware this is new activity planned for Active Renewal retreats only - we will be learning with you on this one! What we are looking for are avid/experienced hikers and walkers who want to come do it with us at a retreat. You can expect to hike easy to moderate terrain (based on proximity and the desires of the group) with a facilitator and/or volunteer partner. If you'd like to sign up with a friend - even better!

Monthly Volunteer Meetings!

WHO: Anyone who wants to drop in and see what's happening at IRF
WHEN: 4th Saturday of every month @ 10:00 am
WHERE: 5445 S Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT (northside, downstairs door)
WHAT: Help us with odds and ends

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