Melba Rios

Melba Rios

Melba Rios is originally from Puerto Rico and has been living in UT since 2016. She is married, has 2 daughters, and 5 grandkids. Melba's professional experience includes 40 years of helping Hispanic women in the Direct Sales Industry, as a VP of Sales.  She is a public speaker and motivator for thousands of people helping them to understand the opportunities and ways they have to show the best inside them. Her experience in sales, marketing, and finance as a VP from different corporations, and from all the seminars presented for Hispanic women allows her to support the Hispanic community in the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Melba has been a breast cancer survivor since 2013.  Throughout this process, she asked herself why she was having this experience. Her answer was that she needed to use her newfound knowledge and experiences to serve the community.  Her experience helped her understand what women walk as breast cancer survivors and is now giving back to the community as a volunteer.  Upon her retirement, she decided to continue her mission to "serve others".

In 2018, Melba found Image Reborn and participated in a retreat.  She fell in love with the foundation and its mission. Since then she has been a valued member of the Image Reborn team as a facilitator for Hispanic breast cancer retreats, and in 2024 joined as a board member.


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