renewal retreat

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, this is your first retreat. You will stay in a luxurious mountain home in the nurturing company of 6-7 other women experiencing breast cancer. Throughout the weekend, you will enjoy gourmet food, restorative movement, and massage. As we get to know each other, you can expect to cry, to laugh, to grieve, and to rejoice - together. You will quickly learn you are not alone.

The renewal retreat will afford you the time and space to stop, rest, acknowledge, and honor life changes resulting from breast cancer. It is an opportunity to share your story, to be seen and to be heard and also to listen and provide comfort to others. Every woman has her place in our circle. Come join us, for free - for YOU.

Because we rely heavily on donated accommodations, we cannot guarantee guests will not have to share a bedroom. Every guest will have her own bed.

Renewal Retreats are offered for any woman diagnosed with breast cancer at any age and any stage. Some of our guests may prefer to attend a retreat designated to one of the following groups:

  • Young Survivors (typically diagnosed by age 45 - but you know where you feel most comfortable!)
  • Stage IV
  • Latina (Spanish-speaking)
Click the photo above to watch a short local news clip taken during a retreat.
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