Rebecca Jensen

Rebecca Jensen

Rebecca Jensen is passionate about connection. She loves to create meaningful connections with family, friends, and co-workers. This ability to connect has led her to be a part of and to create, lead and nurture teams of people driven toward a common goal. 

With over twenty years of experience working in cancer genetics and healthcare, Rebecca has been able to be a part of and lead many projects that have helped to predict, prevent and treat cancer among other diseases. 

She is a breast cancer survivor who lost her mother and grandmother to breast cancer. This cancer history drives her in her professional and personal life. She strives to connect with people making a difference in the battle against cancer and its devastating physical, mental and emotional effects. 

Her experience with Image Reborn Foundation began when she attended a Renewal Retreat in Park City just a year after having a double mastectomy and reconstruction. The retreat enabled her to connect with other breast cancer survivors and she left the retreat feeling validated, supported, and renewed. The Renewal Retreat experience took Rebecca out of her cocoon of fear and self-doubt about her body and allowed her to emerge as a beautiful butterfly ready to fly in her new body knowing she was not alone on this journey. Truly an image reborn. Rebecca’s experience has driven her to join the Image Reborn Alumni Army, and volunteer as much as possible so that other breast cancer survivors have the opportunity to make transformative connections. She is excited to expand her role with Image Reborn. 

Rebecca lives in Utah with her husband, son, daughter, and doggo. She loves learning, laughing and loving life, dancing, singing off-key, cooking for friends and family, and traveling whenever possible.


5445 S. Highland Drive
Suite 5
Salt Lake City, UT 84117


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