Continued Wellness Retreats

Following a renewal retreat, many guests feel encouraged to further explore what healing means to them. They find strength and inspiration being surrounded by empathetic, compassionate, and vivacious women.

This extension of the Renewal Retreat Program serves as steady companion to help you continue the practices and intentions you set for yourself at your retreat.

Activities include:

  • Wellness workshops
  • Additional retreat opportunities

Some of these activities may include a small fee. For discounted rates and for more volunteer opportunities, consider joining the Alumni Army.

Wellness Workshops

Image Reborn is currently offering ongoing wellness workshops designed to address the need for connection, personal growth, and expression of grief.

Any woman ever diagnosed with breast cancer is welcome and encouraged to join any and all virtual sessions at no charge.

Each event is offered via Zoom and may be accessed by computer (recommended), tablet, or smart phone. Some events will be held as a hybrid event, with some guests able to join in person from the IRF office while out of state attendees join through Zoom.

Please refer to the Events page for dates, details, and links to registration.


While Renewal Retreats prioritize first-time attendees, one spot at each retreat is reserved for a past guest. If you have attended a retreat before, we encourage you to try the Continued Wellness workshops and social events. However, we realize that sometimes you need another retreat.

To see current openings and to register online, please click the button below.

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