Continued Wellness Retreats

So you attended a renewal retreat and are now convinced it really works?! (It does!) You feel better being surrounded by empathetic, compassionate, and vivacious, encouraging women?!

Your retreat doesn't have to end with the weekend! Join the Alumni Army and have exclusive access to the Continued Wellness Program.

This extension of the Renewal Retreat Program serves as launchpad for your emotional healing in ways that are meaningful to you.

Activities include:

  • Volunteer projects and mentorship
  • Social events
  • Wellness workshops
  • and...

A SECOND WELLNESS RETREAT focused in areas such as:

  • Nature for healing (Adventure)
  • Addressing physical pain
  • Reimagining sex
  • Finding health in connection

Membership is FREE after a one-time signup fee of $15 to help cover administrative and shipping fees.

virtual workshops

Image Reborn is currently offering ongoing virtual workshops designed to address the need for connection, personal growth, and expression of grief.

Any woman ever diagnosed with breast cancer is welcome and encouraged to join any and all virtual sessions at no charge.

Each event is offered via Zoom and may be accessed by computer (recommended), tablet, or smart phone. Some events will be held as a hybrid event, with some guests able to join in person from the IRF office while out of state attendees join through Zoom.

Please refer to the Events page for dates and links to each retreat registration. 

adventure retreat

The Continued Wellness Adventure Retreat is for past guests of the Renewal Retreat who have enrolled in the Alumni Army. Facilitated by Savannah Lavenstein, Rachelle Ballard, and Amanda Valenti (of The Little Wellness Place), this retreat helps attendees expand their comfort zones and takes women on a healing journey beyond breast cancer.

*2022 COVID stipulations.
With an abundance of caution, we are implementing the following stipulations for the time being:

Only women who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be invited to attend. We will require that proof of vaccines be provided. It is also the responsibility of the attendee to consult with her physician regarding any safety concerns. If you have any hesitancy about attending, we recommend that you do not register at this time. If you are currently undergoing treatment that compromises your immune system, we recommend you wait until after treatment or choose to attend another year.

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