Christine Watson

christine watson

mybody CEO Christine Watson brings a heritage of retail expertise and an exacting eye for style to the pioneering skincare brand, drawing on her extensive experience to offer medical skin solutions that women aren’t afraid to place prominently on their vanities.

Christine began her career as a buyer at Harrods in London, hand selecting the niche, cult beauty and skincare brands carried in the toiletries department of the luxe destination. It was in this position that Christine first met Philosophy founder and husband-to-be David Watson, crossing paths while launching his coveted skincare collection, Philosophy®, at Harrods.

Christine eventually moved to fashion, curating the department store’s luxury clothing offerings and designing Harrods’ own label.

Upon relocating to Arizona years later, Christine brought her refined taste with her, opening a boutique purveying Europe’s chicest fashion and beauty imports. After five years of managing her boutique, Christine was ready to take her business savvy and sense of style to a bigger venture. When David introduced Christine to Therese Clark, Christine instantly saw potential in Therese’s mission and agreed to join mybody as CEO.

Having reviewed hundreds of products and brands in her capacity as Harrod’s Buyer, Christine developed a discerning eye and an instinct for game-changing products and brands. To find a brand concept and feel that truly spoke to her-as mybody immediately did-was reason to get behind the collection and help bring it to fruition. Identifying a space in the often over-serious medical market for a more approachable range, Christine worked closely with Therese to take mybody from idea to execution, refining the brand concept and aesthetic.

Drawing on her strong retail background as well as her personal experience dealing with medical issues, Christine has helped develop an unprecedented marriage of effective, medical-grade skincare and beautiful, approachable products that women want to show off, marking a dramatic departure from the existing offerings on the market. With Christine’s insight, mybody offers serious, targeted formulas in an enjoyable, experiential way, creating a collection that women can truly connect with.


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