Alumni Army

All guests who attend a renewal retreat are invited to stay involved through Image Reborn's Continued Wellness Program. For those who are desiring and are in a place to become more engaged with community outreach, fundraising, and/or volunteering with Image Reborn, we encourage you to join the Alumni Army.

The Alumni Army provides opportunities for those experiencing breast cancer to continue to develop meaningful connections by engaging in rewarding volunteer projects, social events, and fundraisers.

By signing up to be a member of the Alumni Army, you pledge to support Image Reborn and those facing breast cancer in one of the following ways:

  1. Contributing a monthly donation in any amount
  2. Posting a Facebook birthday fundraiser on behalf of Image Reborn or holding another type of fundraising event
  3. Distributing brochures and flyers where other survivors may learn about free Image Reborn retreats available to them
  4. Volunteering at a retreat or other Image Reborn event, such as the annual gala

Give what you can give. Your donation helps keep our services free and available to as many women as possible.

When you sign up, you will also receive:

  • Welcome letter
  • Exclusive Alumni Army emails - always be the first to know what’s happening at IRF
  • Entry into our "lottery" to attend the gala at no cost
  • Free or discounted entry into various social and community events held throughout the year


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