Christy Perry

Christy Perry

Christy Perry joined the Image Reborn Foundation family in 2021, offering her expertise in marketing as a volunteer and now as a board member since 2022.

Christy Perry is a dedicated advocate for individuals facing cancer and children with special needs, leveraging her extensive experience in the nonprofit sector to bring about positive change. For over three decades, she has actively contributed to various national and international nonprofits by taking on roles such as volunteer, director of marketing, founding board member, treasurer, and board chair.

Christy's advocacy work took on a personal dimension in 2005 when her son was born with special needs. Around the same time, her goddaughter, Talia, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age seven, and her sister-in-law was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer only two years later. Encountering numerous challenges related to inadequate resources and support, Christy became a passionate advocate for families and individuals facing similar struggles.

She founded the "Angels for Talia" Facebook page to raise awareness for children battling cancer, successfully reaching millions of people worldwide. Her efforts were recognized by the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) and Childhood Cancer International (CCI), where she was recruited to enhance their marketing presence. In time, she ascended to the role of marketing director, significantly contributing to the ACCO's advocacy and support initiatives.

Apart from her advocacy in childhood cancer, Christy has been a committed volunteer IEP Advocate for children with special needs. She was instrumental in establishing Talia’s Legacy - Childhood Cancer Foundation, where she served as a founding board member and treasurer. Additionally, she has served as the Board Chair and Director of Marketing for the American Childhood Cancer Organization. Christy continues to actively participate as a Board Member for The Image Reborn Foundation, a nonprofit focused on supporting women and children affected by breast cancer.

Parallel to her nonprofit advocacy work, Christy has also built 30+ year career in the medical aesthetics and software industries. She initially trained as a surgical assistant and aesthetic injector before mastering the business side of aesthetic medicine, eventually becoming an international medical practice consultant and business coach.

Christy currently resides in Longwood, Florida, with her husband and son. Her dedication extends into her leisure time, where she enjoys activities, such as rescuing and fostering animals with special needs, photography and eco-tourism adventures. However, her most significant passion lies in her continuous advocacy and nonprofit endeavors.


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