Image Reborn Foundation Hosts Deaf and Hard of Hearing Breast Cancer Survivors at Renewal Retreat in Dillon, Colorado July 10-12, 2024

Dillon, Colorado – July 7, 2024 – Image Reborn Foundation is proud to announce its upcoming Breast Cancer Renewal Retreat, specifically tailored for 10 Deaf and Hard of Hearing breast cancer survivors. The retreat will take place from July 10-12 in a picturesque mountain home generously provided by Rodizios Grill and Mountain Clover Homes in Dillon, Colorado.

Supported by funding from the Colorado Commission of Deaf, Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind, this marks the second year of hosting this unique retreat aimed at providing essential support and connection for a community that shares a unique culture and language, American Sign Language (ASL).

Image Reborn Foundation, founded over 25 years ago in Park City, Utah, and expanded to Colorado several years ago, is dedicated to fostering connections among breast cancer survivors through specialized retreats. The foundation’s mission is to create a supportive environment where survivors can heal, grieve, and learn to thrive post-diagnosis and treatment.

“Cancer survivors, especially those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, often experience feelings of isolation,” said Bobbi Lord, Executive Director of Image Reborn Foundation. “Our retreats are designed to combat this by offering a space where participants can connect deeply with others who share similar experiences. Research shows that such connections not only improve emotional well-being but can also positively impact physical health outcomes. Our goal is to empower these survivors by providing them with tools and a community that supports their journey.”

The retreat will feature a variety of activities including personal massages, group discussions, and shared meals, all aimed at fostering bonds among participants. “We are thrilled to bring together these remarkable women for a weekend of healing, sharing resources and making connections,” said Susan Faltinson, Board Member and Colorado Facilitator, Image Reborn Foundation. “Having the opportunity to share this experience with one another in American Sign Language builds lasting friendships that last far beyond the retreat itself, creating an ongoing support network.”

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Image Reborn Foundation Breast Cancer Retreat 2023 Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Image Reborn Foundation Breast Cancer Retreat 2023 Deaf & Hard of Hearing

About Image Reborn Foundation: Image Reborn Foundation’s mission is to provide no-cost renewal retreats for those diagnosed with breast cancer and to support them in living rich and fulfilling lives.  Thousands of breast cancer survivors have been hosted during hundreds of retreats currently provided in Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Florida.  


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